Follow in My Footprints

Follow in my Footprints is a mentoring program that will partner young girls with a mentor to help assist them with day to day issues. This mentor will be able to help each young lady build her own character and make her own decisions by communicating the consequencesand outcomes of every decision. This program is designed to pairthe young ladies with a woman that is pursuing or succeeding in the areas that interest them. If a young lady desires to be a dentist, we will pair her with a mentor in that field or that has many ties to that field so that she can learn the necessary steps to begin/continue that journey. 
There are requirements to become a mentor in which we take very seriously. Diamond Footprints, Inc. does not believe that everyone is qualified to mentor our youth. Although college degrees and other credentials are a major plus, it is vital that the mentor displays a certain level of moral, respect for herself/others, and actually enjoys working with our youth. 
If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact us at to request an application and requirement form.  All applicants are subject to background checks.


New Pathways

New Pathways is a leadership program to encourage our youth to think outside of the box. Instead of following the paths set by others, why not think of new innovative paths to get to the same destination? This program is designed to instill effective leadership techniques into our children/teenagers at an early age.  There is much more to being a leader that being able to tell people what to do. An effective leader knows how to achieve positive results from any situation or job by applying a set of tools through adequate communication and positive forward thinking. Participants will be taught how to embrace and learn from mistakes, and how to plan for the inevitable.
Although, we recommend and hope that every young girl will eventually participate in this program, we especially would like those that desire to hold a leadership position or would like to join the world of entrepreneurship. 



“No man is capable of self-improvement if he sees no other model but himself.”
— Conrado I. Generoso

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