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Help us as we provide support for our youth and their families to get them back on track for success. 

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Effort

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Texas and Louisiana gulf coast. This storm which initially made landfall in Rockport, Texas has displaced many families and claimed lives due to extreme winds and record rainfalls. Houston, Texas received approx 50 inches of rain which caused extreme flooding . Catastrophic inland flooding is ongoing in the Greater Houston metropolitan area, and Diamond Footprints along with hundreds of organizations are in place to help individuals with obtaining some sense of normality as the Houston community rebuilds.  Help us as we provide support for our youth and their families to get them back on track for success. This campaign will be ongoing as we assist families throughout the holidays and for the remainder of the school year. 

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There are so many great children and teens that are going above & beyond in school, at home, and in the community. Let's celebrate them.

Diamond Footprints Youth Spotlight

There are so many negative images and stories of our youth floating around in the news and social media, but we recognize that there are more positive stories that get overlooked for ratings and other reasons. Our children deserve to be celebrated and recognized for their hard work and for achieving unimaginable goals during their adolescence. If you know someone that fits this description, email us at, and send us a picture and brief summary about them. Self nominations are welcome as well, so please feel free to toot your own horn. Nominations will be reviewed monthly by the Diamond Footprints staff members. 

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Our educators work tirelessly to teach our children and often times receive minimal recognition. Nominate a teacher/educator that is truly making an impact on our youth by going the extra mile. It takes a village. 

Educator Spotlight

Great teaching inspires us. Do you know an educator thatis going the extra mile for  his or her students? Let us know about them and their accomplishments.   We'd like to show them how important they are to us and the city of Houston. One educator will be selected each Fall & Spring semester  for the Lasting Footprints awardfor traveling the extra mile.  Contact us for more details. 

Empower  Educate  Elevate   Encourage 

  • Follow in my Footprints Mentoring Program
  • New Pathways Leadership Program
  • Quarterly Tutoring Sessions
  • Finance Empowerment
  • Economic Development
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Sessions
  • Scholarships
  • Community Service Opportunities

Through your support, we are able to execute effective programming and provide resources for youth and their families within our communities. Make your lasting FOOTPRINT today by donating to our cause....


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